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If your children’s ministry is participating in the Kids Helping Kids: India project this year, below are a couple of ideas and resources that may help you as you prepare.

Snack Example: Rice with Curry Sauce
1 cup of dry rice for every 6 children
Canned curry/homemade recipe

Prepare rice according to instructions.
Provide prepared curry for children to try on top of rice. Or find an Indian curry recipe to make with the children.
Have the children sit in a row on the floor with legs crossed. Serve a large spoonful of rice to each child on a paper plate or plastic mat. Children can eat the rice with their right hand just the way that children do in India.

Stuti Aradhana (click the link for music and a video of the song)
Stuti aradhana
upar jati hai
Ashishe dekho neeche aati ha
Prabhu hamara kitna mahaan
Dekho hamse karta hai pyar
Hallelu halleluiyah
Hallelu halleluiyah
Prarthna vinti upar jati hai,
uttar lekar neeche aati hai
Prabhu hamara kitna mahan
Dekho hamse karta hai pyar
Hallelu halleluiyah
Hallelu halleluiyah

Our praise and worship
goes up
and blessing comes down
our Lord is awesome and great
see he loves us so much
Hallelujah, hallelu, hallelujah
Prayers and requests go up
and brings the answer from heaven
our Lord is awesome and great
see he loves us so much
Hallelu hallelujah

Both of these ideas come from this VBS resource, where you can also find a map of India on page 22 and a coloring page of the flag of India on page 24. You can also read a number of blog articles about this project in India by clicking here. These articles may give you additional ideas.

If your church has already done this project or has come up with fun ideas, please feel free to share them with us!

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2 comments “Kids Helping Kids: India – additional resources”

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