Why Covenant World Relief?

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In a world filled with relief and development organizations, some Covenanters may wonder, “Why should we give to Covenant World Relief?” Here are six significant reasons:

  1. The Relief and Development Ministry of the ECC
    CWR is the ECC at work in the world, participating in God’s transforming mission among the most vulnerable.
  2. Trusted Partnerships
    CWR chooses to work through time-tested, trusted, effective partnerships. These partnerships leverage resources, empower local ministries, increase local involvement, reduce overhead, and facilitate immediate response to disaster and human suffering.
  3. Experienced
    CWR has been working with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized for more than 60 years.
  4. More than Relief
    The majority of CWR human and financial resources are utilized in transformational community development programs. Disaster response is vital to save lives and facilitate recovery. However, it is through long-term engagement with the most vulnerable that individuals, families, and communities are truly changed.
  5. Low Overhead
    CWR is committed to maximizing the percentage of funds used in direct ministry. This means that at least 90% of every dollar donated goes to programs serving the most vulnerable.
  6. Multiple Giving Options
    If you are not already one of our faithful partners, please consider one or more of these giving options:
    Check, online, and automatic bank transfer.
    Undesignated, issue specific designations (e.g., water, hunger, disaster relief, etc.), project specific designations—more than 30 around the world.
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