Flooding in Kenya

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Over the past few weeks, heavy rains have wreaked havoc across much of Kenya. Covenant World Relief has approved a request from the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK) to provide disaster relief funding. Food and blankets will be distributed for short-term relief, along with mosquito nets in order to mitigate the risk of malaria contraction.

Kenya experiences annual heavy rainfall from March to May. Certain factors have caused this year’s rain to more damaging than usual. While distributing food, blankets and mosquito nets to various locations the ECCK intends on evaluating the disaster preparedness of various communities, to see if capacity building sessions are necessary in the near future.

The financing provided to the ECCK came from our General Disaster Relief Fund. We “bank” money in this fund for rapid and flexible response to unforeseen disasters, such as the Kenya flooding. Consider giving to the General Disaster Relief Fund today.

Pray for the Kenyans as they endure through this trial. Pray that they may be kept safe, that they may be resourceful, and that they may develop perseverance.

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