Life Saving Relief in Kenya

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The following is a report from Rev. Simon Kamau, the president and moderator of the Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK) on drought relief provided by you through Covenant World Relief.

ECCK did a relief distribution in Leparua village located in Eldonyiro Division and the Isiolo District. The area is occupied by Ndorobo people who are a subset of the Turkana community. The village is on the leeward side of Mount Kenya and the place is very dry. Camels are the means of transport in this region.  We drove 310 Kilometers along the highway and joined rough road which passes through acacia bushes for about 60 kilometers where we met a group of people. We hardly saw any shelter and upon enquiry they said they had walked some distance to congregate in the common ground.

The relief was funded by CWR through disaster relief program.

The place has no communication network and even radio is a strange gadget to them. They speak local language and only one lady was able to translate from their language into Kiswahili. Few are the men since many lost their lives during cattle rustling while the remaining number are in the vicinity looking for green pastures for their livestock. Some of funny questions we had to answer is where do you come from and upon responding that we are from Nairobi, a young woman who seemed more enlightened told them this are people from Kenya. To them Kenya is another village. Children never attend schools and they use herbs for disease treatment. Without permission from trusted elders no one can access their dwellings. This is in fear of us being in a mission to investigate about their livestock. They value security more than anything else due to the consistent of attacks from their neighboring community Pockot.

Your generous gifts to CWR’s East Africa Drought Relief project have provided the ECCK with desperately needed funds so they can reach out to their neighbors in need.


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