Cholera in Haiti

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On October 25th 2010, a heartbreaking numbers of 3,342 cases of cholera were acknowledged throughout Haiti by the ministry of health of the government. Regrettably, 259 of those cases had resulted in death.  The northeastern area of Haiti was the first to be affected. However, the outbreak of Cholera promptly spread to the rest of Haiti. By May 2011, 4,500 lives were taken because of this terrible infection and 300,000 people had become ill.


Cholera is an illness that is caused by the ingestion of polluted food or water. If not treated properly, this infection can be fatal. Cholera causes a watery diarrhea that can swiftly cause dehydration. In addition to diarrhea, vomiting is a common symptom of cholera. Cholera is a curable sickness when cared for in time.  Because of your support, Covenant World Relief was able to provide life-saving medicine and treatment in the midst of the cholera crisis. It is also because of your support that we will be able to continue making life saving changes in the future.


*Written by Nicolette Durand, North Park University student and intern with Covenant World Relief


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