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I love giving gifts. For my mom, my husband, my friends and the kids in my life.  There is nothing like choosing the most perfect thing, the thing they aren’t even expecting but will absolutely love.  And then the expression in their eyes and the look on their face when they open the gift is, as they say, priceless.  That sweet moment of gift-giving victory compels me toward other gift giving opportunities for these loved ones.

There are many moments in mission experiences that offer this same sweet reward.  Most of us know this from being on a mission trip, or part of a local effort, that gave to others in need.  These gifts may have been necessary items for life such as food, water, school supplies or even a building or painted wall.  Or maybe it was actual gifts like toys, new t-shirts, stickers or candy.  These gifts bring smiles to both the giver and the gifted alike.  And after such events we are compelled to engage in similar mission experiences again.

But these high moments, as sweet as they are, are not sustaining or even life changing.  Relationships that have an impact on someone’s life are in for the long-haul.  They require a day-in, day-out commitment that is sometimes messy, sometimes frustrating and all too often mundane.  These relationships are: mentors who teach job skills like sewing or bicycle repair, teachers who show up every morning to teach reading and math or a pastor who opens the doors of the church every day to make community development possible.  It takes a long time to empower people with education and life-supporting job skills. But the results last longer than a snap-shot moment of smiles and hugs.

When I’m honest, I want my friends and loved ones to have so much more than the occasional gift that I give.  I want them to have a full life, a job, healthy relationships and a deep and growing faith.  Doesn’t it make sense then that the mission experiences we engage and support promote the abundant life that Jesus offers?  Day in, day out, everyday.

–By Kim Crawford, Covenant World Mission

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Thanks for your good thoughts Kim. When we give the focus should not be on our gratification but what is the best for the one who receives.

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