Human Trafficking Awareness Day–January 11

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I am so thankful to be a part of a church that is largely aware of human trafficking and doing some very amazing work to not only serve the victims of human trafficking, but to address the larger justice issues involved. Covenant Women Ministries has largely been the impetus for us all to become more aware and take action. They have a great website with information on the prevalence of human trafficking and ways we can all be involved, including being aware of the things we buy that might support human trafficking or signing a letter of advocacy.

One of the projects the ECC is involved with is called New Day for Children. At New Day for Children, they provide a very comprehensive and holistic ministry to girls aged 10-18 who have been trafficked. Though it might not be as obvious as New Day for Children, many of the Covenant World Relief projects are also working to end human trafficking. Covenant World Relief’s work in the human trafficking arena is nearly all in prevention. Our projects help to make children less vulnerable to trafficking through education and providing opportunties for families to escape the cycles of extreme poverty. Projects in collaboration with the Hindustani Covenant Church of India help to prevent children from being victims of human trafficking and slavery. The Caring for Children project focussed on the rag-pickers in the Mumbai slum gave young children the opportunity to get an education and nutritious meals. These children are especially vulnerable to being sold into slavery as their families have been caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and debt. CWR is now involved in several other projects in India that focus on vulnerable children in more remote areas.

How has your awareness of human trafficking changed? How has your life changed as a result?

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