True Worship in Haiti

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The setting:

Two Medical Teams International cholera centers; one set up at the Centre Medical Beraca in La Pointe, and the other at the NHCM (Northwest Haiti Christian Mission) Bible School in St. Louis du Nord.

The situation:

Swamped by over 150 cholera cases per day (60% children 5 and under – 1% death rate), an exhausted Haitian and NGO nurse and doctor staff work feverishly inserting IVs, IOs, changing solution bags, wiping filth from bodies and comforting grieving families.

Nonstop rain, wet scrubs, muddy shoes coupled with the smell of chlorine, vomit, diarrhea and death adds to the misery as staff scurry back and forth between intensive care and the oral rehydration wards.

The scene:

Oral rehydration and ward where patients in various stages of recovery lie on mats attended by nurses. A staff member begins to sing and soon everyone is worshiping. Nurses sing as they work, and patients raise their hands in praise to their God in the midst of the most horribly dehumanizing situation I have ever experienced.

This, my friends, is true worship and I, for one, am humbled!

[youtube id=”C4gZgy8cNS4″]

-From Medical Team International’s Haiti Country Director, Ted Steinhauer.

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