Poverty Exacerbated by Drought

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Flying from the cool highland of Addis Ababa in central Ethiopia southwest to the hot lowland of Gambella near the border with Sudan, it felt like we were entering a different country.  We had seen poverty in the highland areas, but it didn’t compare to the poverty we saw in the Gambella region, especially in the village of Lare (lawrey).

Drought has gripped this area and other low-lying areas of East Africa for the past couple of years. Last year an unseasonal flash flood destroyed the Covenant church building. The people are thin and have no access to clean water. The leaders of the Covenant Church of Sudan have identified eight areas most affected by the drought and are in the process of dispersing food purchased with CWR funds raised for the Sudan Drought Relief project.

Although everyone is affected there are not enough funds to provide food for everyone so the most vulnerable have been identified in each of the communities. Matthew, the project coordinator, introduced us to some of those who would be receiving food within a few days. Most were widows, but there were also physically handicapped adults and orphaned children.

Matthew introduced us to two widows across the road who were smoking pipes. One woman has five children and the other has seven. They all live together in a very small hut. Matthew explained that they smoke because it makes them thirsty. They then drink the brown water which gives them a feeling of a full stomach. What little food they have they want to give to their children.

Since November ECC churches and individuals have donated more than $13,500 for the Sudan Drought Relief Project, but the ECCS has requested $40,000 in order to adequately provide for those most in need in the identified areas. We saw first hand in Lare how great the need is. You may give online through the bookstore to Sudan Relief, or send checks to CWR for Sudan Drought Relief to 5101 N. Francisco Ave. Chicago, IL 60625.

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