Prayers for Haiti 1.15.10

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We have posted a prayer resource on our website. We will continue to post more urgent and time sensitive prayer requests here and on our facebook.

Please pray for 2 World Relief International workers who were in Haiti before the earthquake that have not been accounted for (their other 38 staff have all been accounted for). Please also pray for a staff member who lost a child and another whose child is injured.

Please pray for our medical partner whose first response team arrived yesterday. Pray for their surgical team who will arrive on the 18th.

Prayers and updates from a World Relief worker in Haiti today (from most current to older):

  • We were able to secure potable water for several hundred
  • We are organizing feeding centers to communities through local churches. Will feed several hundred today.
  • Providing medical care to hundreds today
  • Exploring the idea of launching a World Relief food point/feeding center for community in with local churches
  • Families have wrapped bodies of loved ones, many children and put them on streets for pickup. Gut wrenching.
  • Local majors office in charge of removing bodies from streets. Some progress in last 10 hrs
  • No visible aid from outside yet
  • Much more economic activity today. people finding water in cisterns, perhaps even a public water point. one woman who made bread to sell
  • Hope to see search and rescue teams deployed today as we are coming up on critical 72 hour mark
  • Young woman brought to clinic at midnight. Just dug out. Unconscious. Search and rescue being done by locals.
  • Boy, age 9, large laceration on head. Hemorrhaging on brain. Nothing Hubert and Dr Wes could do. He died in ten minutes. They prayed with him.
  • Lots of femur and tibia fractures but only one hospital with x Ray. Little general anesthesia.
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