A Race Against Time For Water in Haiti

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Before the earthquake less than half the population of Haiti had access to potable water. That was bad enough. The terrible earthquake last Tuesday left most of the three million people in the affected area without any access to water. The outstretched hands and the expressions of those in the photo reveal the level of their desperation.

The US military and the relief agencies are frantically trying to provide water to those in need. This is a race against time. Bottled water and water purification tablets are being distributed. Water filtration systems are being set up. World Relief, our main partner in Haiti, has reported that they have access to a well drilling rig, so they will begin drilling bore wells. They are waiting on submersible pumps to arrive from the US. Under normal circumstances each person needs at least one gallon of water a day for drinking and about three gallons of water for washing and cooking. Let’s pray that the water will come in time and that there will be enough for all in need.

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