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Typhoon Ketsana hit the northern part of the Philippines including Metro Manila on September 26 bringing the worst flooding to the metropolitan area in four decades. You can see some amazing photos online from the Boston Globe here.
On October 3 super Typhoon Parma hit the northern provinces causing massive mud slides in rural areas and more flooding in Manila. Because of some very unusual weather conditions, Parma actually struck four times in a matter of a few days as it moved in a circular pattern.
More than 860 people have died as a result of the two typhoons, 130 of these have died from an infection that is spreading through the standing water. Millions have been affected and hundreds of thousands have been displaced by the flooding.
The Jesus Covenant Church in Pasig City (part of Metro Manila) is receiving relief funds from the Taiwan Covenant Church and from Covenant World Relief.  Pastor Jhun Peji is heading up the relief efforts being carried out by the JCC church members. Their numbers are few but they are working tirelessly providing much needed supplies and medical care for their community.  Marianelle, a young doctor in the JCC, is providing leadership for the mobile health clinics.
Within the next 48 hours Typhoon Lupit, meaning “cruel” in Tagalong,  is expected to hit the far north in the Philippines, perhaps sparing Manila, but likely wreaking havoc on northern Luzon. Winds up to 120 miles per hour are expected. This will be the third major typhoon in less than four weeks. Relief organizations are reporting that their staff  are exhausted and reinforcements are being brought in.
Let’s pray for those who are suffering, for those like the JCC members who are serving, and that the string of powerful typhoons will soon come to an end.

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