Flooding in the Phillippines

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Below is a prayer request from a Covenant Missionary in Taiwan. Please remember our brothers and sisters in prayer.

Hello prayer partners,
It was just over a month ago that we requested prayer for Taiwan and
the thousands of people left homeless from the devastating floods.
Much progress has been made in clean up and many Christians have gone
to help, donated much to the relief effort and prayed often for those
hit by the tragedy.
We are now facing a similar situation from typhoon flooding in the
Philippines.  The capital city of Manila and the surrounding districts
have been devastated with flooding the last three days.  Pasig City, a
suburb of Manila and home to our sister church, Jesus Covenant Church
has been badly flooded and the water is staying in the low lying
areas.  While the church is not flooded, many of the members houses
were flooded, some up to eight feet of water.  Paster Jhun Peji’s
house is still flooded, sitting in waist deep water. The floods came
so fast that nothing could be moved and just about all of their
personal belongings have been destroyed.     He and his family, are
living at the church until the water recedes.  Another coworker has
taken refuge in the church also.
As you can see, we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Pasig
City.  They really need an extra measure of grace and strength in the
coming days.  To my knowledge everybody from the church is safe, but
as you have probably seen in the news, many people have died.  Please
pray for all of the people the Philippines effected by the flooding,
the rescue workers, the relief efforts in the coming days, and for
many Christians to step up help with clean up and  share the love of
Jesus in this way.
In Christ,
Don Dwight

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