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Title IX For Ministry?

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Submitted by:
Lisa Olsen, member, CBGE

I had not heard of this before. Have you? For 27 years there exists a foundation called
Women’s Sports Foundation. Here is an excerpt from their website (

imageFrom Capitol Hill to hundreds of cities and towns across America, 2014’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) is one to celebrate women’s and girl’s participation and excellence in sports. While NGWSD started in 1987 as a single event in our nation’s capital to honor Olympic volleyball star Flo Hyman, the day has since grown into a nationwide commemoration spanning all 50 states.

NGWSD is marked annually with events around the country and on Capitol Hill to commemorate the achievements of girls and women in athletics. It is also an important day to promote the continued expansion of opportunities for girls and women to play sports and live physically active lives. Continue Reading »

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Links To Important Sites

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There are times when it is important to point readers to relevant blog sites or articles that are out on the internet. Here is one of those times. Click on the links below to check out some excellent posts or websites:





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Today Let Us Celebrate African American Women in Ministry.

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Submitted by:
Ramelia Williams, member, CBGE

As my birthday month, February has always been very special but mostly because it is Black History Month and celebrates my sun-kissed skin and my ancestors who fought for my civil, political and human rights freedoms. This is the month that the nation takes notice of African-American she’ros and heroes. As we settle into this month of celebration it only makes sense to reflect on the role of African-American women in the Church. This short video incites the voice of church patriarchs to celebrate the unsung role of specifically African-American women and their impact on the Church. Today let us celebrate African American women in ministry.

To view the video, click here



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The Wind of the Spirit

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Submitted by:
Brian Wiele,CBGE Chairperson

signSeveral weeks ago, my wife Linda noticed that a street sign by our home was bent. How did that happen, we wondered? ? It’s bent in the wrong direction to have been hit by a car. Could it have been the strong winds just a day or two before? It’s hard to believe, but that was our best guess, and we’re sticking with it.

We get uncomfortable with the idea of signs being blown about by the wind; those are supposed to be secure and firmly established – like many other dimensions of life, including believers in their faith. Jesus encourages us remain strong in the face of trials. Continue Reading »

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The Embrace of Vulnerable Love

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Submitted by:
Pastor Jan Bros, Abbey Way Covenant Church

Part of my personal work as a member of the Commission on Biblical
Gender Equality has been to become more aware of the conversation that
is happening within the Evangelical Covenant Church and among
Christians elsewhere concerning the understanding of the roles of men
and women in the church and in particular church leadership. There is
much written conveying multiple viewpoints. I can get easily
discouraged when I read literature that uses mean spirited or unkind
words to convey meaning. In these moments, when my soul is sad, it is
important for me to remember the truth we hold together as the body of
Christ even when we do not agree on the particulars.

Here is a post I wrote a number of years ago in reflection and review
of Miroslav Volf’s work on repentance and reconciliation. I think it
is important we do not forget the essentials in the work God calls us
to do. Continue Reading »

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