Title IX For Ministry?

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Lisa Olsen, member, CBGE

I had not heard of this before. Have you? For 27 years there exists a foundation called
Women’s Sports Foundation. Here is an excerpt from their website (www.womenssportsfoundaation.org):

imageFrom Capitol Hill to hundreds of cities and towns across America, 2014’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) is one to celebrate women’s and girl’s participation and excellence in sports. While NGWSD started in 1987 as a single event in our nation’s capital to honor Olympic volleyball star Flo Hyman, the day has since grown into a nationwide commemoration spanning all 50 states.

NGWSD is marked annually with events around the country and on Capitol Hill to commemorate the achievements of girls and women in athletics. It is also an important day to promote the continued expansion of opportunities for girls and women to play sports and live physically active lives.

A dad I knew from “the old days” when he was a teen and I volunteered as a youth leader at North Park Covenant Church posted this information on Facebook because he was grateful for how it has impacted his daughter’s school sports for the better. I’m so glad we have folks who care and take a stand for girls and women to have “as good as” the boys and men in every aspect of life. Aren’t we all created equal?

I’m not a huge sports fan, but when my daughter played in 12 varsity sports during her high school career (she’s older now, getting married in 5 months!) I was on the front line shouting joyfully and proudly at every game and meet. I’m thrilled that title IX was old hat and finances were set aside for safe uniforms/gear (field hockey!) and competent coaches. My dad’s mom was a basketball player, but in Litchfield, MN, in 1933, she did not have fair court time, fan base, uniforms or professional coaching.

Aren’t you so glad some things have changed??

How about us, in the church? Have things changed? Yes, yes they have. But not enough. If you look at statistics, you will understand why we exist as a commission. We always mention, at one point or another, during our meetings, our goal is “to no longer be necessary”. We pray for that day to come. When our women clergy are called to churches as readily as their male counterparts and hold positions at every level and are as warmly received and respected, we will close the door on the Commission for Biblical Gender Equality for the Evangelical Covenant Church.

What a joyous day that will be!

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