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The “M” Word – Regrets

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Submitted by:
Meagan Gillan, Executive Minister, Women’s Ministries
Advisory Member CBGE

It started with a lunch conversation. As I met with Chris (not her real name), an older woman in the church, I thought, “She’s so great. She sure seems to have it together.” I was her pastor’s wife, yet I felt a longing to know her better, to connect regularly—perhaps even to be mentored by her, although the “m” word was never used.

Later, I was surprised to learn that a close friend of mine felt the same way toward Chris. Our children and life stages were similar, and she confessed to me, “If Chris only knew how much we need her wisdom. What a difference time with her could make in our lives.” Neither of us approached Chris about mentoring or getting together regularly; her responsibilities seemed to indicate that it wouldn’t be feasible. Yet, when I think about Chris, I know that periodic, intentional conversations would have been wonderful, and I could have learned so much. Continue Reading »

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And The Winner Is…

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Mackenzie M. is the winner selected randomly from those who commented on the book review about “Ties That Bind.” She wins the copy of the book so generously donated by the author, Marie Bostwick. Congratulations Mackenzie! Lisa Olson will be contacting you for an address for mailing the book. Thank you all for your comments and letting us know you are out there.

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UN Ad Campaign

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un-women-campaign-1We know this is now old news but in case you have not come across it, click here.  If you have the stomach for it, after reading the ad, scroll down to the comments section to follow some of the chatter. You will see from the comments, why the ad does speak to a very real truth in the attitudes many still have towards women.  On a positive note, the ad at least generated discussion.  I am perplexed on how we should respond to people who’s arguments seem so extreme or who’s attitudes are so far from our own? Proverbs 26:4,5 says, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”  So that leaves me even more perplexed.  Any thoughts?

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Drawing For Book – Deadline is Saturday

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Saturday, November 23 at noon EST will be the random drawing for the winner of the book Ties That Bind from those submitting comments to the book review by Lisa Olsen below. At current count there is a one in 16 chance of being selected as the winner. Post a comment today for a chance to win.

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Book Review: “Ties That Bind”

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Submitted by:
Lisa Sundell Olsen

Book Review: “Ties That Bind” by New York Times best selling author (and member of Covenant Church of Thomaston, CT) Marie Bostwick.

tiesthatbind161x233Not because she’s one of my bffs and not because I’m her Personal Assistant, but Marie Bostwick is one of my favorite authors. She has 9 novels and 3 novellas in print and more “in the works”. She is giving away a copy of Ties That Bind to a randomly drawn person that submits a comment to this blog post. Even if your comment is one word (like “hello”). So click on the little cloud at the upper right to comment and be eligible to win. (and to let us know you are out there!)  This is one of six in the Cobbled Court Quilt series. Each book is a “stand alone” but once you read one, you will want to get to know each character better…

Set in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, in fictional New Bern, Marie brings you into the fold of dear friends who often gather at The Cobbled Court Quilt Shop. It’s nearing Christmas when Reverend Tucker of the New Bern Community Church becomes very ill. They need to find a new pastor quickly. It’s hilarious to read about the list and resumes of the candidates, but the committee ends up choosing Philip A. Clarkson. Much to everyone’s surprise, when the new pastor arrives they meet Philippa Clarkson! Continue Reading »

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From The Heart of One Called by God

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Mary MillerA special Thank You to Mary Miller for her years of serving as member and former chair of the CBGE.  Mary just finished her final term of service on the Commission.  She currently serves as Chaplain at Covenant Village of Cromwell and Adjunt Faculty for the Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction at North Park Theological Seminary.  Her post below gives us a glimpse of her heart.

Three or four years old, my Mom watched me strain to see what was happening at the front of our church. All I could see were the bottoms of the standing adults in front of me! Gently she lifted me and let me stand on the pew so I could see the ritual and sacredness surrounding the Lord’s Supper.

Fast forward a few decades. Standing for the Apostles’ Creed as part of Holy Communion, I looked across the aisle. A Dad was letting his 5 or 6 year old slide from one side of him to the other so she could stand in the aisle. There she could see her mother lead the congregation with the words of institution of the Lord’s Supper. My grin felt my eyes filling with tears. Thank you God!

Spiritual journey has to do with how we choose, what we feel, what we see. We don’t so much think about or dream up God. We live in God in the ever present moment. Jesus gives us new beginnings not just with each repentance, but with the opportunities of each day and hour.

How glad I am these moments later my personal history! How glad I am to see the kingdom of God advancing as a kingdom on earth! The Covenant Church has grown since I participated in it through my formative years! It is growing to include the gifts and graces the Holy Spirit provides to all people in its faith family! Thanks be to God!

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