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“I Can’t Change My Spots”

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Rebecca Worl

The elderly woman caught my attention as I was exiting the church. She gave me a smile and waved me over. Her eyes glistened a bit as she grabbed my hands and put them between her own.

“Hello dear, I just wanted to tell you, that I was so moved by your… talk today, it was one of the best – you know, I ever heard in all my 80 years… “

I smiled as I could tell she was struggling with the words, I offered a little help,
“The best…Sermon?” I volunteered.

“Well, I wasn’t going to say THAT, you know, after all, at my age I can’t change my spots!” She laughed a little under her breath.

I was puzzled. “Sorry, what spots do you refer to?” Continue Reading »

An Interesting Post Comparing Women In The Workplace: Then and Now

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A link to this infographic was sent to us by Louann Fadrik, who works for

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