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The Bride

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Written by Cindy Wu

brideI started dreaming about my wedding day long before I was even interested in boys. As a little girl, I started imagining my wedding dress, picking out my wedding ring, choosing my bridesmaids, and planning the ceremony. As I grew older and started attending friends’ weddings, I made mental edits: change the entrance song, hire a live band instead of a DJ, cross Susie off the bridesmaids list.

By the time my actual wedding day arrived, none of my choices matched my childhood designs but by then it didn’t matter—part of the fun was in the dreaming. Dreaming about one’s wedding day is a natural inclination. A wedding is a sacred day, the beginning of a new journey, and worthy of great attention. Continue Reading »

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Tumbling Mentors

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Written by Rev. Gricel Medina (OWS)
BGE Chairperson

mentorsRecently I was curious of how exactly do stones become smooth. Weather and erosion are just some of the causes and effects. However, it is the tumbling around other rocks that causes the stones to become smooth on all sides. I love how God gives us such vibrant visual life lessons.

We all have stories to tell of seasons that have tumbled us. Dealing with difficulties in life is about making quick adjustments. David in the Bible was a tumbler. His encounter with Goliath is a story many children learn in church.  It is not just about defeating a great big giant. David was overlooked many times. FYI…especially during his formidable years by his own family. He overcame great adversities. Continue Reading »

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Reposting – “A Prayer to End Discrimination Against Women in the Church”

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Here is a link to a recent post in the weekly newsletter of Christian’s for Biblical Equality, Arise.  This article by Rev. Mark Whitlock, Jr. was originally published in the Los Angeles Sentinel.  It is short and simple and a good reminder to all of us that we must pray for God to end discrimination in our pulpits, board rooms and pews throughout the world.

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When We Need Women Behind The Pulpit

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Sometimes the direct approach is the best.  In his blog, Preston Yancey (an author, painter, and baker soon to be doing doctoral work at St. Andrews in Scotland) forcefully challenges the church to “put a woman behind the pulpit”, so we can see the whole picture of what God intends and God is doing.  You can access Preston’s blog by clicking here.

Submitted by
Brian Wiele, CBGE member

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