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1980 and Now

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then & nowAs candidate for Associate Pastor at my first church out of seminary, I stood throughout the evening question and answer hour. After about twenty minutes, the chair of the church apologized, but said he had to ask for the church’s sake (over the microphone): “What were our plans about having children?” We had rehearsed the answer, but were surprised it came in a large official group and not someone driving us to a meeting. My husband stood and we both responded, saying “We have worked long and hard to get through seminary and medical school and look forward to finally being able to work in those professions!” Amidst some light chuckling a question was yelled out from the back row; “Well, but are you ever going to have children?”

As candidate for Interim at my most recent church, a 5 or 6 year old girl stood, took the microphone and asked, “Do you like animals?”

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Speaking out!

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I recently came across this post by Kurt Fredrickson, pastor in the ECC and associate dean for Fuller Theological Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education programs. What would you say if you were given fifteen minutes to speak about women in leadership in the church? Here’s Kurt’s response:

Encouraging the Ministry of Women in the Church.


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Lean In – Book Review

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Lean InMy wife read this book recently and suggested that I might find it useful, not only in light of my role on the CBGE, but helpful to me personally as a man in leadership vocationally.  As is quite often the case, she was right.  Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, is a book about leadership.  While primarily written for women, many of her premises clearly apply to men also, but more importantly give men (and women) some important insights about why women may “hold back” rather than “Lean In.”

Sandberg, from her own experience, puts forth that while women experience the realities of the many external barriers that have historically and continually kept women from advancing up the leadership ladder there is also the important factor of one’s own internal barriers. (Oh, by the way, she also suggests that advancement in today’s world is not up a ladder, but up a jungle gym, with many routes to higher rungs of leadership.) In this book, she explores some of the life experiences that may contribute to what she calls the “leadership ambition gap.” Continue Reading »

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Celebrating Moms

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moms 1

21st century moms are making their mark. Today we see moms planting churches, preaching, evangelizing and teaching just to name a few. We see them writing books, homeschooling their children, or working in corporate America. Moms are on boards, commissions, and executive leaders.  They are behind the scenes and visibly up front. Moms are bravely serving our country in all branches of the military. Continue Reading »

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Book review: your recommendations!

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We would love to have your input about the books that you have been reading relating to the topic of women in leadership and ministry in the church. Would you be willing to share a book review? Maybe you’ve read something that you would like to encourage others to read? Or maybe it’s been something that you just found frustrating – and would welcome further discussion? Please get in touch via the comments section (comments do not go public immediately so your contact details will not be published).

Or maybe you’d like to challenge yourself to engage with a book on this topic and share with us: there are some great ideas here at the bookstore of Campaign for Biblical Equality.

We welcome your contributions.

Posted by Alice Hague.

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