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Looking Back to Move Forward 2

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This is the second in a series of three articles that were published in the Covenant Quarterly back in 1976. Amazingly, this article was written nearly 120 years ago!  It was originally published in German, and authored by Fredrik Franson who was born in Sweden in 1852.  It was later translated into Norwegian and then later still to English by Sigurd F. Westberg.  It is important that you read the introduction by Glenn Anderson in order to get the historical background on the author. Clearly a man before his time with regard to his interpretation of scripture and the importance that women follow their calling to be preachers, teachers and evangelists.

To view the article click on the title Prophesying Daughters by Fredrik Franson.

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How Will Your New Year Unfold?

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It is now 2013 and many of us are anxious about what the new year will bring. If you have been waiting on a new or first call, the new year can either bring a new sense of hope, or be a reminder of just how long it is taking for your next steps to be revealed. If you are tired and weary from having labored long in your current call, the new year may either bring a freshness that revives you, or be a reminder that you have yet another year of serving and working ahead of you. If you are ending a call, entering into retirement or closing a ministry that has lost its sense of purpose, mission or direction, the new year may bring celebration of a life well lived in service, or a sadness about ministry that became distracted and lost its vitality. Either way, the New Year has come and as it unfolds we may find ourselves experiencing a combination of emotions. Where do you find yourself as this new year begins?

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