Today Let Us Celebrate African American Women in Ministry.

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Ramelia Williams, member, CBGE

As my birthday month, February has always been very special but mostly because it is Black History Month and celebrates my sun-kissed skin and my ancestors who fought for my civil, political and human rights freedoms. This is the month that the nation takes notice of African-American she’ros and heroes. As we settle into this month of celebration it only makes sense to reflect on the role of African-American women in the Church. This short video incites the voice of church patriarchs to celebrate the unsung role of specifically African-American women and their impact on the Church. Today let us celebrate African American women in ministry.

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WOW. This video was incredible and I’m so glad I watched it! I think everything each one of the commentators said was worth re-listening to and thinking on…I wanted to write down everything that was so eloquently said. Thanks so much for finding and for sharing this. Very inspiring…

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