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Preaching – Prayer Request

Posted by on April 7, 2011

I (Joel) just wanted to write and ask for prayer for this Sunday and the next.  I will be preaching for the first time in Spanish… well, ok… technically, I will be reading my first sermon in Spanish.  I have the sermon series prepared and have it all translated and since my Spanish isn’t good enough just yet to speak freely, I will be using a script to preach in Spanish.

I will be doing a two week sermon series examining the early name for the Covenanters: Mission Friends.  The first week I’ll focus on the word “friends” and what that meant to the early Covenanters and then the second week will be “mission”.  I am hoping to be able to provide a little history on the Covenant as well as providing a picture as what the church should look like today.

I’d very much appreciate your prayers as, even though I’m just reading, I have a lot of nerves about speaking/preaching in Spanish for so long. It’s defintely a stretch!!!

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