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Thanksgiving Wishes!

Posted by on November 25, 2009

efi-therm1Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  We hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is a wonderful time with family and giving thanks for the many special blessings we have from the Lord in this last year!

Sorry that it has been so long since we have last posted but we have much to be thankful about. 

We actually have very big news!  We have been working hard to figure out what our language school and living arrangements in Ecuador were going to be.  We now have them all figured out!!!  It’s completely different than what we have been planning.  Instead of going to Costa Rica for language school, we are actually going to be moving directly to Quito, Ecuador next June and moving into the apartment where we will be living the next two years.  It is going to be vacated by someone that is currently living in it in July of 2010.  So it will be perfect for us to move in and take the place over without having to repurchase a lot of the stuff the apartment already has.  This huge blessing means that we don’t have to worry about moving to two different countries and getting the Visa’s for both countries.  Instead, we can move directly to the place where we will be living for the next two years.  This will make it much easier for us with a newborn baby.


Kim’s pregnancy is going well and she is studying hard for her final Board Certification exam for becoming a Nurse Practitioner.  This test is December 2nd so please bathe her in prayer that day!


Because we now have our living situation and language school figured out and also that now we will have a baby with us, we had to refigure our budget.  It did go up significantly.  Thanks be to God that we also received a stream of supporters that committed to partnering with us at the same time, so our support percentage still went up! We now have 64 individuals/families that have agreed to pray for us while in Ecuador and we are looking to have 150, so that means we are at 43% in prayer support.   We are also up to 46% of what is needed for finances.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!  We are thank you for you all this Thanksgiving!

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