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Vacation #2

Posted by on August 30, 2021

Yes, you read that title correctly, in August, we were able to take TWO vacations.  For me (Kim), this is one of the few vacations where I can remember coming back not feeling like I needed another week after vacation to recover.  We were able to experience a lot of amazing things that we all enjoyed, including being with new friends for the week in Misahualli and further in to the jungle to Bellavista.  We were able to fish for piranhas (Simeon was so excited), try new foods, experience church in the jungle (that tooks 2 hours to get to), ride in canoes, swim in rivers to flow in to the Amazon, see Arapaima (which we have only ever seen on T.V.), rest, relax, read, play games and do life together with friends who have become like family.  We are so grateful for this time.

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