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Summer FUNd for the Santiago Partnership

Posted by on July 31, 2021

Don’t let a world-wide pandemic and social distancing prevent you from serving and being a part of international missions!

During the summer months which is the high season for international mission trips, we think of all of you folks a lot and have missed you coming down to be a part of the amazing work that has been happening in Cayambe. Maybe you would be interested in this mission work directly without having to travel here? Maybe you have some extra funds that would have gone towards transportation costs to Ecuador that can be used for this kind of mission work?

Watch the video:

Introducing to you our “Summer FUNd” which we are affectionately calling a list of needs that we have over the summer months. Here are the different areas where the Summer FUNd will be used:

  1. Summer FUNd Outings – A gift of $1,000 can cover the costs of 1 to 2 Special Summer Outings for the kids in the Home for At Risk Children. It’s been a tough Covid-colored school year for the kids in the Home so giving them some special outings over the summer months will go a long way to lift their spirits and give them a break from the routine within the Home.

  2. Summer FUNd Construction — We have been working on the construction of the 2nd Floor of the Home for At Risk Children for quite some time now as this process has been delayed as a lot of the teams have not been able to make it down due to the pandemic. However, the need is great for our staff of almost 30 employees to have offices as well as storage space. We’ve been using what little extra funds we have had to continue this process; however, a gift of $750 will go a long ways to make progress on this construction. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the construction.

  3. Summer FUNd Guinea Pigs — Our Project Director Rolando Escola has a vision for self-sustainability for the project that includes starting a Guinea Pig farm on the land that is above the Home for At Risk Children. Wouldn’t it be so cute to see the kids in the home helping take care of Guinea Pigs to sell for a profit towards the goal of self-sustainability? Give a gift of $500 to go towards the fence needed to put around the property as well as the initial purchase of Guinea Pigs.

  4. Summer FUNd Community Construction — Many of the community partners we serve through our community programs have homes that are far below the poverty level, often without windows, others having a plastic tarp for a roof, in some cases only Help the project serve its surrounding communities by providing support for homes that bring dignity and comfort. Your gift of $250 will go a long way to help build these homes with a purpose.

Maybe your church or youth group, instead of coming to Ecuador this summer, could pick one of these initiatives that you would like to take part in and help raise funds similar to how you would if you were coming down yourself. Would you be willing to consider this opportunity?

When you are ready, click the Donate button below and select the appropriate amount and put “Summer FUNd” in the section where it says, “Personal Message.” Here are the gift amounts again:

  • $1,000 for Summer FUNd Outings

  • $750 for Summer FUNd Construction

  • $500 for Summer FUNd Guinea Pigs

  • $250 for Summer FUNd Community Construction



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