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Going Deeper, Partnership Together

Posted by on February 29, 2020


We said in one of our last posts that we would keep you informed  and updated about the new program called the Intervention Program.

The program we have talked about in the past, the Prevention Program is in part, financed by the government, but not fully.  This program serves 80 families in 8 different communities to check-in with the families, provide workshops, identify systemic holes and help with needs caused by a lot of those holes in the system.  This is a broad program with a broad spectrum of care.

In turn, the new Intervention Program, as well partly financed by the Ecuadorian government, will be a more targeted program, engaging with 30 families in at-risk situations.  The program staff comprised of a social worker, community facilitator, and clinical psychologist.  They will go deeper with these families on an individual level and work in conjunction with them to hopefully better the issues identified together.  The goal of both of these programs is to prevent the need for the home for at risk children.

Please continue to pray for our staff and new staff members working specifically with this program. They are in part, “first responders” to some of the most impoverished areas in Ecuador and that takes a toll.

The Santiago Partnership is excited about this new initiative and new way to help and go deeper with Ecuadorians.

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