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The Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo

Posted by on January 27, 2011

We are finally able to give an update on our ministry. I (Joel) will be going to Santo Domingo tomorrow to start working at the national Covenant Camp property that is located there. This first trip will be a two day trip and Kim and Simeon will be staying back for Kim to be in Spanish class.

They have asked us (Joel, more specifically for this project) to come alongside the Covenant Camp for our first three months of this year.  They are looking at making changes to the camp for long term success.  Basically, the National Church is having difficulty in its funding for its national ministries. Just like in the States, individual churches tithe to the National Church in order to fund its national ministries.  However, in a country where the excess of funds are not readily available, a lot of churches aren’t able to tithe at the appropriate level or at all, which means that many national ministries struggle financially. Well, the Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo has a beautiful property with many great attributes and is currently operating profitably (it’s making a little profit every year off the fees for groups and individuals to use the facility).  However, it is not living up to it’s full potential.  The National Church would like to make several changes to better their facilties and make it more appealing to more people, even folks outside of the Covenant and even outside the church world.  They are hoping to eventually make it into a resort type location that many people would be interested in spending some time at.  In this way, the Camp can be a profitable ministry to where it can help fund other national ministries which struggle financially.  This is an obvious example of how in countries where finances are not quite as bountiful, the church needs to look “outside the box” to make ends meet.

In the end, over the next three months, they would like me to take on an administrator type role with helping with these changes. They are looking for me to use my background and experience in the business world to help facilitate wise decision making for the Kingdom of God.  Please join my in prayer as I take on this new venture with excitement and trepidation.

A view around the grounds of the Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo

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