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Serving in Otovalo

Posted by on November 26, 2017

The first week of November was SUCH a great week.  Several of the board members from the Santiago Partnership worked on this team, a medical caravan.  We partnered with a church in Otavalo, a town about 30 minutes north of Cayambe.  It was such an organized Compassion International Center that we worked with, with very caring tutors that knew each child individually.  80 of the 140 children we saw were new to the program.  One story from the week is that there was a little boy who was 9 and the size of his 5 year old sister.  He had shoes with no soles and no socks and he had blisters on his feet from them being so wet.  The next day he came back and was all smiles because the tutors had given him socks and a new pair of shoes.  It was a very simple fix, but something that was found because we weighed him with his shoes off!  We are thankful to be able to partner here and are excited to see what this partnership will lead to in the future.  A big thank you to the team members.

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