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Missionary Retreat

Posted by on February 28, 2017

Earlier this month, our Ecuadorian missionary staff gathered together for a time of rest and relaxation and time to be together.  It was nice as we were meeting new missionaries and spending time to get to know one another at a deeper level with no particular agenda or really set schedule or anything like that.  It was a very nice time to be together without having to worry about needing to accomplish any ministry during our time.  Enjoy the photos of our retreat!

16649101_983963298177_7058832956911890687_n 16649377_983963747277_854822970600092864_n 16681533_983964131507_2383151475093523626_n 16681882_983963008757_1584502089922272806_n 16682010_983961561657_8834028607075532038_n 16807327_983962370037_2475634583539405156_n 16807367_983963198377_1827994091589346652_n 16807495_983961895987_7096059600876108245_n 16807713_983962514747_5513839698803582652_n 16807724_983963412947_1181778210872588163_n 16830637_983962918937_1201982406159363910_n 16831045_983962290197_1730060916828537485_n 16831966_983962644487_948863432090846580_n 16832175_983962065647_1082265276443556002_n 16832183_983962719337_1896932784339568933_n 16832375_983962449877_4502666065450311698_n 16832401_983963373027_9175298004042636808_n 16864180_983963961847_8260811856665411937_n 16864313_983964226317_2211964953457793532_n 16864443_983962844087_3514920469495394512_n 16864853_983964336097_8169266878068929101_n 16864965_983961551677_8347281559550494246_n 16865063_983963667437_3539066546778592770_n 16865100_983963442887_7492541077864549262_n

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