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A New President is elected

Posted by on January 29, 2017

A week ago, Simeon and I (Joel) traveled to the Covenant Campgrounds in Santo Domingo in order to attend IPEE’s (The Covenant Church of Ecuador) Annual Meeting.  This is the season of elections and so this is the case with IPEE as well.  President Henry Burbano has completed his second term in office (5 years in total) and so the presidency was changing hands.  The new President was elected and his name is Pastor Franklin Reira, pastor of Betel Covenant Church in Ibarra, Ecuador.  We also had 130 students graduate from our Seminary’s Certificate Program as well 3 pastors were ordained.  It was an exciting time for all of us, especially Simeon as you can see he got to play in a boat in the river as well he and I went camping in a tent for the weekend while we were there.  That was Simeon’s first time camping outside.  Please be praying for President Franklin and IPEE’s new leadership as they transition into their new positions and guide our denomination.


This year’s theme was “Strengthening the nets on our knees before Jesus”


We had the most people at the Annual Meeting that I had ever seen, 220


Leaving President Henry Burbano addressing the assembly


The voting taking place for the new President


Simeon having fun in a boat on the river with friends


Leaving President Henry Burbano commissioning the new leadership team of IPEE


Pastor Henry praying for the new president, Franklin Reira


Our friend and fellow long-term missionary, Cheryll Clark, with Breck Hoskins and the Restrepos


Erik Amundsens giving the kids a tour of the plants on the campground property


President Franklin praying for the new ordinands

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