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Trip to the COAST!

Posted by on November 1, 2010

We had a great time on our recent trip to the Coast of Ecuador.  We started out going to Santo Domingo-about a 3 hour trip from Quito, to the National Pastor’s Retreat for the Covenant.  We stayed at the Covenant campground and had a great time meeting many pastor’s from all over Ecuador.  Simeon as usual was a hit, especially with the other kids.  One sweet little girl wanted to hold him the whole time we were there!  We met a VERY important couple from Sweden-although we weren’t able to get a picture with them! 

From Santo Domingo, we traveled to Montecristi and Manta on the coast of Ecuador.  We studied Monday through Friday at a school in Manta and toured the area a little bit.  MonteCristi is where the Panama hat was first made and continues to be made there! Of course we visited the beach-Simeon wasn’t quite sure what to make of sand, but ended up enjoying playing in it!  He and Joel also chased crabs on the beach! Check out of Facebook pages for videos of it!  It’s really funny!  

Joel was able to visit El Shaddai Covenant Church in Montecristi and was welcomed warmly! 

We left on Saturday and traveled to Bahia where there is an island shaped like a heart.  We traveled through the Mangroves of Isla de Corazon (“Heart Island”) as well as walked through them.  I didn’t find out until after the trip that there are Boa Constrictors there!  YIKES!  A good detail that Joel left out! 

We praise the Lord for his safety and protection during our travel and for allowing us this opportunity.  We ask for continued prayes for Kim in studying Spanish.  This last week was a pretty difficult one in this regard.  Please pray that language comes quickly!  Blessing from the Delp’s!

The Delp Fam

Covenant emblem at the campground

This sweet little girl LOVED Simeon and wanted to hold him during the whole pastor's retreat

A view around the grounds of the Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo

Our Spanish crew in Manta, our teacher Margoth on the far right

El Shaddai Covenant Church in MonteCristi

Simeon enjoying playing on the beach

A little crab in the mangroves

Simeon enjoying playing in the sand

Joel and Simeon in the canoe going through the Mangroves

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