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Singing for Ephraim

Posted by on March 31, 2016

We received some great news this week and Simeon and Esther can’t stop singing.  See the video below.

We learned last week that Ephraim has developmental deficiencies and so we have been a bit concerned about him.  The neurologist noticed things like him using the left side of his body more than his right (instead of both sides equally which is the norm) as well as occasional tremors.  He decided to have an MRI performed on his brain to see what could be determined.  The MRI was taken last Thursday.  Thank you for your prayers for that as we were a bit concerned about giving anesthesia (necessary to keep him still for the MRI) at such a young age.  But everything went fine.

On Monday of this week we learned of the results of the tests and the kids are a singing because the MRI showed no major abnormalities!!! Praise the Lord!!! The neurologist recommended a little bit of physical therapy to strengthen the left side of his brain but he thinks he should be fine. We thank the Lord for good doctors who help us catch the little things and get them corrected quickly. Make sure you watch enough of the video to see Esther’s solo.

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