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Posted by on March 20, 2016

This past week we hosted a dental team made up of dentists and dental students from Indiana University School of Dentistry and we put them to work!  We held a medical and dental caravan in the area surrounding Cayambe visiting Juan Montalvo, Lote Cuatro, Carrera and Guachala.  Though we are still in the process of tallying all of the results after a week filled with a flurry of activity, early estimates showed that there were around 300 folks attended to for their dental needs and around 250 on the medical side.  Praise the Lord for He is good!!!

0_11665416_10208333489670353_4315553816724046892_n 1_1457541_10153954880530242_569219816427192157_n 2_1923467_10208362306230749_153677767772275939_n 3_1466045_10153954879900242_7196273799892000466_n 4_10561811_10208324067834813_5114826720498347651_n 7674_1141197952581823_3119061644762998733_n 9583_10153946576640242_6323931579529655018_n 64970_10153946574140242_5367551093769752927_n 941059_10153946576370242_950385675863485889_n 1459670_1140957065939245_7603424138233005859_n 1918850_1140957015939250_4140627040938299744_n 1934235_10208333489510349_7572340573755715259_n 10351175_10153954852610242_7094928818455213925_n 10392194_10153954879675242_5427224309548527155_n 10452376_10153954852895242_2136499073780692015_n 10583808_1141781165856835_5411044186049161647_n 11234053_10153954880000242_8671977032362263319_n 12243070_10153954880185242_1607868315052921326_n 12832435_10208324066394777_8906660146708889500_n

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