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Posted by on January 17, 2016

The pictures you all have been waiting for you! Here are the updates on how the construction of the Home for At Risk children is going. We are lacking about one week’s work with our contractors. How does it look?

_12494306_1093324394031638_1910426440_o 10584165_1093323494031728_1693826284_o 12476259_1097735616923849_1627146443_n 12510700_1097734476923963_1240345769_o 12511326_1093323500698394_63269321_o 12511443_1093324974031580_252223296_o 12511737_1097737536923657_949173151_n 12516371_1097734773590600_755828956_n 12540465_1097735646923846_1739022781_n 12557733_1097737453590332_85721430_o 12571094_1097734666923944_257428464_n


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