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Prayer Request for Visas

Posted by on April 29, 2015

Ecuador Visa picture

We just wanted to offer a prayer request for you all out there to pray for in the next few days.  Joel has been working tirelessly on getting our Visas renewed.  The great thing is, we are not trying to get the same type of Visa we have had that has to be renewed every 1-2 years.  Since the birth of Esther and the fact that she is Ecuadorian, we are able to use her as our sponsor to what is called a Visa de Amparo.  This basically means that we can get a permanent type Visa here in Ecuador because of Esther; it will not have to be renewed every 1-2 years.  We will get a Cedula which is an official identification card here in Ecuador.  Please pray that this process will go smoothly and quickly so that we are able to obtain this type of Visa.  Thanks prayer warriors!


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