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Back in Ecuador!

Posted by on January 11, 2015

We made it back to our home in Quito, Ecuador this past Monday.  Our flight back was a little bit delayed as we were trying to determine if Grandma was in a stable spot and we were helping out with her.  But after a little bit over a month of spending time with grandma, who has terminal cancer, and grandpa, we are finally back in Ecuador and getting our lives setup here again.  It was an important month for us as we know that grandma won’t be with us forever and we wanted to spend good time with her and the rest of the family over the holidays.  Here are some pictures that show a little bit of our time there.


Esther Esther_Bailey Esther_googles Esther2 Esther3 Family Family_Christmas_2014 Family_Puzzle Geandma_Simeon_Esther Grandma_Esther Grandma_Esther2 Grandma_Esther3 Grandma_Grandpa_Grandkids Grandma_Grandpa_kids Grandma_Simeon Grandma_Simeon_hands Kim_Simeon_dinosaurs Necklace Simeon_Braedyn Simeon_Elephant Simeon_Esther Simeon_Esther_presents Simeon_Esther2 Simeon_Grandma_cookies Simeon_Reenna_skateboard Simeon_snowman


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