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Where are Kim and Esther???

Posted by on October 27, 2014

SIFAT_Team_Members Kim and Esther are up in Cayambe this week.  There is a Medical/Dental Team working at the clinic this week and so she went to help out, getting to know them and learn from them.  The team comes from a church in Palm Bay, FL and has traveled to Ecuador the last 12 years!!!  They go through an organization called SIFAT.  They have had a long standing relationship with Pastor Jose and and Iglesia Emanuel and were part of the reason as to why Pastor Jose has dreamed about starting a clinic for quite some time.

Joel and Simeon are staying back in Quito so that way Simeon can be in school all week.  Please pray for Kim and Esther that they are ok up there without the rest of the family and the same for us down here.  Pray that Esther is happy so that way she is able to help out without too much work going towards Esther.  Pray that Joel & Simeon don’t starve throughout the week!  (That last one was a joke!)



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