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A Recharge…Una Recarga

Posted by on August 21, 2014
Cayambe volcano and quechua family harvesting onions

Cayambe volcano and quechua family harvesting onions

Cayambe 2


Recently, when we were up further into the mountains with the team from Coshocton (we were in 4 lote, a small Quechua village).  We were there listening to a local worship band who played pan flutes, drums, etc…The windows were open and I was looking out over the volcano that was close, Cayambe.  We were surrounded by local church members from the Quechua church.  We were all worshiping together, one God, one voice, one place where we were all gathered.  It was a significant reminder to me that being called to this place as a missionary is a precious gift, a privilege.  As the Quechua ladies and I were talking and they were holding Esther I realized the amazing gift this is to be here and I was SO thankful for it.  Over the last few months we have had difficulties and it has been a challenging transition for us, but in that moment, God reminded me of His presence that is with us always.  That His call on our lives is greater than all we face and it makes it possible TO face what difficulties come.  I love these pictures because they are such a sweet reminder of Ecuador, at least the part of Ecuador where we live.  The mountains and volcanoes, people working in the fields, the beautiful sky.  It’s beautiful and all God’s.  So, we praise Him in the storm and have peace, His perfect peace, knowing that we are where we are supposed to be.

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