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Prayer Requests for this week

Posted by on June 23, 2014

birth-shotWe have a couple of really big prayer requests for this week.  Please pray for Joel’s parents, Ruth & Earl Delp, as they have had their share of serious struggles of recent.  Please pray for them and that God’s peace will abound.

Also, we really need to get Esther’s Birth Certificate!!! Yes, you read that correctly.  We still do not have her Ecuadorian Birth Certificate yet.  When we went to go get one for her, we were told that we could not get an accurate one unless we brought with us a copy of our marriage license that is apostilled from the U.S.  An apostille is like an international notary that recognizes that a document is legal for other countries.  We had one of these previously but do not have a current copy of our marriage license that is apostilled.  We tried to do everything we could, including going to the U.S. Embassy, but nothing worked.  In the end, we had to have Kim’s parents help us in getting a new copy of our marriage license apostilled and sent to Ecuador.  Today, a team from New London Covenant Church in Minnesota is bringing  a copy of our apostilled marriage license with them.  We plan to get it from them tomorrow and then work hard this week on getting her birth certificate.  Please pray that we are successful and have a child with a legal identity!

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