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The Rocha Family

Posted by on May 9, 2014

The majority of the Rocha family, although missing a couple after lunch on Sunday by the Panecillo

The majority of the Rocha family, although missing a couple after lunch on Sunday by the Panecillo

We had the great opportunity to host the majority of the Rocha family last weekend.  In case you forgot who the Rocha’s are, they are the administrators of the Covenant Camp in Santo Domingo.  In November and December, Rueben and the family faced many challenges as far as Reuben’s health.  You may remember some of our previous posts about it.  Rueben had pancreatitis, had 2 surgeries, his duodenum was punctured during the second surgery and he and the family were told multiple times that he would likely not live.  We are happy to say he is ALIVE AND WELL!  PRAISE BE TO GOD!  It was such an amazing time to spend with them.

We went to Old Quito and spent time there and had a nice time together.  On Sunday, they went to church with us and because so many people had prayed for them, there was a testimony time where both Reuben and Amparo gave their testimonies.  Although quite emotional, it was such a wonderful time of sharing.  I believe the time really blessed and encouraged many in the church.  Amparo also recently lost her brother to a motorcycle accident.  It was such an encouragement to us to hear and experience with them what they have faced and to see how God has truly worked a miracle in their lives!

It is difficult, (especially for me, Kim, in Spanish) to express how much we love and appreciate this family.  They are such an example to us.  They love Simeon as one of their own and care for him that way.  They are examples of consistency and faith in each adventure or hardship they face.  They face it “con fe” or “with faith”.  Life is not always easy, but they have been examples to us of faith, strength and encouragement in the midst of hardship.  We praise God for them and the work He has done and IS doing in their lives.  Gracias a Dios!

Reuben giving his testimony








The Rocha's and Delp's

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