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On the Licensing Front…

Posted by on May 1, 2014

imagesWe had our meeting today with the former president, whom we had talked with previously.  He actually told us he is still the president and the other person we talked to was the Vice President.  In reality, it doesn’t really matter.  He was very nice.  That was a good change from our previous try.  My friend, Olga went with me and she was great at explaining (quickly, since apparently we were late and he was waiting on us) things up to now.  He said he briefly remembered us from 2 years ago.  We explained what had recently happened.  He told us that going through the Federation or the College of doctors is currently optional.  The law has recently changed making this not something that we have to do, only if we WANT to.  His recommendation at this time is to take all of our paperwork to the Ministry of Health here.  He gave us the name of the director of the Ministry of Health AND his cell phone number to contact him directly to make an appointment.  He recommended us writing a petition for what we want and where we want to do my rural training.  He said since I’m pregnant, I have priority in where I go!  (SWEET!).  The selection process for where to go is in 2 weeks, so we have to get going on contacting him.  The current president said that it will be the decision of the Ministry of Health if my rural training will be as a doctor or nurse.

SO, we have a different plan of what to do.  Not sure how it will turn out, but we are moving forward (a centimeter at a time).

Please continue to pray for openness with these doctors we are talking to.  We are thankful that the doctor we talked to today went above and beyond in helping us and was very nice in doing so.  Please pray that the next doctor will be open as well to licensing me here as a doctor.

Please pray that timing-wise, things will work out.  Basically that we can get this worked out before May 8th when we go back to the States.

Thank you for your continued prayers and concern surrounding this.  We appreciate it so much!

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