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2nd Trip to Cayambe

Posted by on April 30, 2014

We, the whole family, went up to Cayambe again today and this time we brought friends, Pastor Washington, a pastor friend from one of the Quito Covenant churches, Marcela Tapia, the Secretary General for FACE and one of the members of our Board of Directors, and Dr. Ivan Chuchi, who is a doctor in Quito.  We wanted to take Pastor Washing and Dr. Ivan up to see the project and talk more about future possibilities.  What ended up happening was a major meeting that also included Rolando Escola, the President of FACE, Pastor Jose Tuquerres, the pastor of the church we are partnering with for the first home and clinic and Pastor Alberto, the pastor of a Covenant Church nearby who is also the coordinator for the Quechua district of Covenant Churches.

It was a great meeting talking together through many details and about many possibilities.  It was a great time of dreaming together about the future.  Here’s a picture of our “coffee time” after the meeting which included coffee, Ecuadorian biscotti, cheese, dulce de leche and then a complete pork lunch with yuca, potatoes, and freshly squeezed tree tomato juice.  Yum!



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