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Change of plans…

Posted by on June 26, 2010

As most things in life go, 9 times out of 10, they don’t turn out how you think they will. As we write this, you may think we are sitting in our apartment in Ecuador…well, you would be wrong. We are actually in a hotel room in Miami! Yes, MIAMI! We had the unique opportunity today to get “bumped” off of our flight to Ecuador. In exchange for this, we received 2 vouchers for $800, lodging and meals overnight. It was hard to pass up because the 2 vouchers will be accessible to us to use to fly back to the States if we need to. Although it was a bit ANTI-climactic today only flying to Miami, we felt God’s hand in many ways.
First of all, we had 12 bags to check in to go to Ecuador. We were quite the site in the airport to say the least! We were able to check 5 and then dispersed the rest to willing participants from the mission team from our church. A couple of the bags were overweight and they are being very strict so we were prepared for the worst. Luckily we got a very nice American Airlines attendant that helped us and was very generous in getting ALL of our bags checked. Hopefully they will get there tomorrow with us! What a great answer to prayer as I (Kim) had many bad dreams about how the flight would go. Thanks be to God!
A way that we saw that God cares about EVERY detail was Friday night as we were packing up our LAST couple of bags, I realized I had forgotten the power cord that hooks to the breatpump. I know it seems like a very small detail, but this was a HUGE detail and something that would be been very missed if not taken. It just so happened as Joel was looking through items at our house NOT sold at the garage sale last week, he found the EXACT cord that fit the pump! WOW! What an amazing God we serve!
So, we are being treated tonight in a very nice room in a very nice city. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and our first day in Ecuador tomorrow!
Blessings to all and may His peace be near to you as it is to us in this night.

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