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Ecuador in a Flash

Posted by on April 25, 2013

As you have read, I (Joel) made a quick trip to Ecuador last week.  It went by in a flash but was very rewarding.  Scott Hallam, my friend who will be serving on our Board of Directors of the Non-Profit Organization, went with me and we together met with IPEE and FACE leadership to make plans for the homes and clinics.  In addition, another good friend of mine Jeremy Bustos and a new friend Dennis Michaelis went along to take pictures and videos that will be used to promote these ministries.  We were only in country for three and a half days but we got everything accomplished that we set out to do.

The really cool thing is that I got to see for myself the clinic that has already been finished in Cayambe.  The Covenant Church in Cayambe, Iglesia Emanuel, and its pastor, Jose Tuqueres, have committed to building the clinic on their own merit.  THEY HAD ALREADY MADE THESE PLANS BEFORE THEY MET US!!!  They had just sensed the Lord leading them to minister to the surrounding area through medicine.  They figured that “if we build it, they would come” in terms of the doctor to staff the clinic.  They had no idea who would actually come… only God knew that He had Kim and her medical expertise in mind for partnering with this church.  We are really excited about this development and are happy to share some pictures with you!!!

BenQ Corporation

Outside shot of the clinic


Waiting area outside the clinic


Main Exam Room


Dental Exam Room


Pastor Jose with his church in the background


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