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Answers to prayers, updates, preparing to leave…

Posted by on June 23, 2010


Just thought we would update you on a few things we have been up to. Thank you to those of you who prayed for us to receive our Visas! SUCCESS! We received them within 2 hours of applying. Thanks be to God! It was a bit crazy the day we went to get the Visas. All 3 of us had to go downtown to Chicago. We didn’t realize that on that day, at that time, there was a parade of over 2 million (YES MILLION) people to celebrate the Stanley Cup win of the Chicago Blackhawks. We had to wait and were over 45 minutes late for our appointment. the office we had to go to was in the middle of the 2 million people. Luckily the consulate was gracious and still gave us our VISAS, thanks to lots of prayers from you. Thank you!

Just a couple days after that, we headed out to Nebraska and Iowa to visit two Covenant churches out there: Ceresco Covenant in Ceresco, Nebraska and Faith Covenant in Essex, IA.  Our friends who are the pastors of these congegations and the folks in the church themselves were just wonderful!  They were so kind and loving in listening to us present what God has laid on our hearts and so supportive of everything we are planning.  It was such a nice trip and a needed respite from the craziness in Chicago.
Last weekend we had a garage sale, a ‘sell all of our life possessions’ garage sale. It was a great success, we made $1215 toward our ministry, which is, by far, the most we have ever made at a garage sale. We thought we sold a lot but realized that we still had a lot of things left over. Actually, enought to fill a 10 foot UHAUL. Thank you to all those that helped, especially our families who came and worked like crazy!
We are currently staying in Goshen, IN with Joel’s parents. We took all of the leftover belongings after the garage sale to their house. We stored a lot of it, but currently all of the things we are planning to take with us are strung out in their basement and we are figuring out how to pack it all.
In addition to getting ready, we are saying our goodbyes to family and friends. As you can imagine, this is very difficult. Please continue to pray for us during this time of transition. We are also going to be leaving our dogs with friends in our neighborhood in Mt Prospect. We thank the Lord for providing this, but know that it will be difficult not to have them for 6 months.
Blessings and love to you all from the Delp’s!

Maybe in a few years he will be playing in the World Cup!

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