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Hope Covenant, here we come!!!

Posted by on February 26, 2013

On Saturday, after celebrating Simeon’s birthday with friends and family at Chuck E. Cheese (Simeon is going to love it!), we will be traveling down to Indianapolis, IN to speak at Hope Covenant Church on Sunday.  This is an exciting day for us because they are a church of which we do not have a previous relationship.  Joel and Pastor Tom Miller, the pastor of Hope, just met one day over lunch in Indianapolis a little over a month ago.  But what is neat is that they have folks that will be leaving later this month to be a part of a Medical Mission team to Ecuador.  So that is a really neat connection that we weren’t even aware of.  We, and Pastor Tom, both feel as though God orchestrated our meeting and our visit to their church so we are very excited to be with them on Sunday.  Your prayers for a good worship service and clarity in speaking are very much appreciated!

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