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Updated Monthly Support Level / Advocates Needed!!!

Posted by on January 29, 2013


This will be our first update of many that will let you know how we are progressing in our goal of getting back to Ecuador.  Remember we need to be 100% funded in order to continue our ministry in Ecuador.

We are currently at 44%.  Now, when we say 44%, that means that we have 44% of our needed Monthly Support.  All of our support (including one-time or periodic gifts) of course gets included  in this amount but its the month-to-month commitments that are easier to track for determining our percentage and what is best for our long-term sustained ministry in Ecuador.  Remember that we are returning to Ecuador as Long-term Missionaries (that’s as long as our last interviews go well and we are approved at the Annual Meeting in June) and so we will be going back for a 4-5 year term.  It’s those monthly commitments, whether it be individuals or churches, that will sustain us in the long term.

That’s why we are looking to form new relationships with churches and individuals.  Our ministry requires more prayer and support than what it currently has.

Advocates are needed!!!  Just think of Joel & Kim as advocates for at risk children and the medically underprivileged in Ecuador.   We are sharing their stories because they are not able to.  In the same way, we need advocates for our ministry as we cannot reach everyone by ourselves.  We need people that are willing to reach out to others, whether it be a church or small group or friends or family members.   Whoever you think may be interested in hearing our story and about our ministry in Ecuador, we would like to know about them.  If you can just send us an email, then we will send you material that you can use to share with these potential new ministry partners.  If you feel comfortable, you can also just send us their name and phone number and we can reach out to them.  You can email us at joel-kim.delp(at) or call us at 574_238_0589.

In closing, we are continually reminded what a great and wonderful support team that we have that surrounds us and our ministry in prayer.  Thank you for being committed to us and our ministry and being so diligent in your continued support of us and following us so closely on our blog!  You all provide so much encouragement to us and we can never thank you enough!!!

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