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Starting a New Chapter

Posted by on January 21, 2013

I (Kim) recently started working in mid-January as a hospitalist at a local hospital in Goshen, IN.  A hospitalist is just a fancy word for someone who admits patient’s to the hospital.  I am working in a group of 3 physicians and 2 other Nurse Practitioners.  We keep very busy, but it is going to be great experience for when we go back to Ecuador and for the clinic when it gets started, especially since the large percentage of the patients I’ll be seeing will be Spanish speakers.

However, I have gotten quite spoiled with always having Joel and Simeon around when I go to work.  In Ecuador, even when we were working and very busy, we were all together-whether traveling, being in meetings, etc.  Things are different here as I have been working a lot of night shifts and am away a lot (basically 12 hour shifts followed by 8 hours of sleeping and then only a couple of hours to see the boys).  This is new for all of us and although it is a good thing, it is not easy to see Simeon crying when I leave the house and wanting to stay in my lap so I don’t get up.  We have definitely been blessed with being able to always work together.  Please pray for us during this new chapter in our lives.  I am thankful it will not be forever, but for only a short time during our home assignment.

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