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The Vision continues….

Posted by on January 11, 2013

Remember back in September, we hosted a group of friends from the States that had an interest in partnering with us long-term in the project we are working on with the National Church of Ecuador of the center for at-risk children and medical clinic.  We called them The Vision Team.  We’ll the Vision continues.  We will be meeting again with these individuals and more as we discuss the process of forming a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that will be the support agency for this project.  We are meeting all this weekend in a retreat style fashion and everyone is coming with their children.  The couples include Tim & Angie Eberhard, Scott & Sara Hallam, Kristi & Jeff Lundblad, Zach & Janae Stevens and Mary & Paul Thompson.  And us of course!  There are also included three Ecuadorians in the group, Henry & Olguita Burbano & Marcela Tapia, that were planning on participating via Skype.  Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict has arose and they will be in all weekend meetings also in Santo Domingo at the Campgrounds where there is no Internet Connection so that won’t be possible.

We ask for your prayers for this weekend.  If you would pray for each couple by name as we feel that God has brought each one of them to this place of wanting to be a part of something big that can be accomplished through the church in Ecuador.  We are all merely instruments in His hands.

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