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Delp Family Christmas Tradition

Posted by on December 13, 2012

We started this tradition a few years ago while living in Chicago.  We have tried to modify it depending on where we live and Goshen is no different.  When we lived in Chicago, we would go to IHOP for breakfast, get our Christmas tree, put it up together, at some point get a Christmas coffee from Starbucks and then decorate to Christmas music.  The last couple of years in Ecuador, there was no IHOP, but we found a good pancake place instead.  No Starbucks either.  This year we had the treat of getting IHOP-Simeon’s first time-and he seemed to LOVE IT!  We got out Christmas tree together and then went to Simeon’s new favorite place… THE TRAINS!  There is a great little place in Goshen that has large and small trains that go around on tracks.  He can stand on a chair and watch them.  No Starbucks this year and we didn’t get all the tree decorated, but we had a great time.

Life is different here in the States, not bad, just different.  We enjoy the things we missed while in Ecuador, but it can be hard for us sometimes.   When we think of Ecuador, it seems so far away-our daily lives, our friends, we miss them and we miss Ecuador.

Simeon really liked IHOP!



Simeon REALLY loved the trains!!!



Yeah… trains!!!



Is that an intent look or what?



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